Woman exposes ‘nasty toilets’ meant for back-end staff in Changi Airport

SINGAPORE: A video circulating on social media, which has gained almost 70,000 views, shows a dirty toilet in Changi Airport meant for back-end staff, leaving netizens shocked at how vastly different it is from the regular toilets at the airport.

“You know only the Changi Airport – passenger side gets the amazing toilets. The people who work at the back end, handling all your baggage get nasty toilets,” wrote Ji Hae @spicyygorl on her TikTok.


Tourists only see the nice parts of Singapore😫 The toilets from Singpost. You can smell pee when walking past#Singapore#truesituation#changiairport

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The toilet appears improperly maintained, with wet floors, dirty mirrors, overflowing sanitary bins and bugs found in the sink area. Ji Hae, however, mentions that this is an “improvement” from what used to be in an even worse condition.

Ji Hae also provided feedback that the sanitary bins meant for feminine hygiene products should be emptied at least once a day, but it seems like it was not taken into consideration.


Replying to @ms If i could clear it myself I would but I don’t have the necessary equipment🫤😫#singapore #singpost#unsanitary#lol#theydontcareaboutus

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She pointed to the QR code, which people can use to give feedback and wrote, “What’s the point of this if no action is taken?”

Netizens showed mixed responses to the video, with some saying that it is the responsibility of those using the toilet to keep it clean, while some people believe management needs to do something about it.

“The back end staff also must use the toilet properly la. Cannot just blame the management or cleaners mah,” commented a TikTok user.

Ji Hae responded to this by saying that she does her best to maintain the cleanliness of the bathroom, but at the end of the day, better facilities should be provided and that “the government has the funds to do so”.

“I mean they can build so many airport terminals but can’t provide workers with better toilets? The workers who make everything work like clockwork aren’t appreciated,” she wrote in another TikTok, which was a follow-up to the first.


Replying to @Xiaodoggie They’re the government, they have the funds to do so🙃#lol #singapore #changiairport #singpost#truesituation#unfiltered #haha

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“Good representation of Singapore. All good on the outside for foreigners but for locals it’s a different story,” commented a TikTok user.

“Not gonna lie, that’s nasty. Changi airport please do something,” commented another netizen.

Ji Hae says she has given feedback about this issue multiple times, but the condition has remained the same for many years.

The Independent Singapore has reached out to Ji Hae and Changi Airport for comment but has yet to receive a response.

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