Video of Singapore car chased by fake police car in Malaysia goes viral

SINGAPORE: A 26-second video clip of a speeding car being chased by another car with a flashing blue light on its roof has gone viral. The car giving chase was shown not to belong to the police but to some pranksters or potential robbers, one of whom was wearing a clown mask.

The video, shared on Facebook and Reddit on Monday (June 5), is said to have been shot by a Singaporean going with some friends to Genting Highlands at 5:40 am. It has been shared over 36,000 times.

Singaporean Get Chased By Fake Police Car In Malaysia
by u/test_account_47230 in singapore

The incident occurred at the North-South Expressway (NSE) heading towards Genting Highlands.

The post author, who goes by Freeman Gan WT on Facebook, wrote that he noticed another car following him at around the 27-kilometre mark.

He added that as he sped up, so did the other vehicle. And when he slowed down, the other one did as well.

Later in his journey, he encountered the same car, which flashed the blue emergency light usually used by police.

The blue light can later be seen in the video being held in place by the driver instead of attached to the car’s roof.

The driver of the other vehicle can also be seen wagging his finger to taunt the Singapore car occupants.

But as soon as the Singapore driver realized that the other car driver and occupants were merely posing as police, he called the authorities.

The police told him not to stop, and if he continued to be followed, he should head straight for the nearest police station.

Kulai police are now investigating the matter.

The Independent Singapore has reached out to Freeman Gan WT for further comment. /TISG

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