TikTok “Tube Girl” trend reaches Singapore!

Tube Girls Sabrina Bahsoon and Siti Nurhidayah Sajuna

SINGAPORE: Singapore, like many places around the world, has caught on to the viral sensation known as the “Tube Girl” trend. This phenomenon, originating in Britain, has been making waves on social media platforms. But what exactly is the “Tube Girl” trend?

The “Tube Girl” trend is the latest craze on TikTok, where users film themselves dancing on trains and in other public places, grooving effortlessly to their favourite songs nonchalantly.

Singapore hops on the ‘Tube Girl’ trend

Among those who’ve enthusiastically embraced this trend is 23-year-old content creator Siti Nurhidayah Sajuna from Singapore. After a day of practice, she confidently displayed her dance moves on public transport.


my anxiety 📈 but it was SO FUN!! ib @Sabrina Bahsoon

♬ greedy tate mcrae unreleased – babytatie1

She took her chance on a not-so-crowded train section and filmed herself dancing. It was a merely 13-second video, but she quickly garnered around 450,000 views!

Sabrina Bahsoon, the ‘Tube Girl’ trendsetter

The “Tube Girl” trend started over a month ago in Britain when Sabrina Bahsoon, a Malaysian who moved to the United Kingdom to study law at Durham University, posted a video on social media. In the video, Sabrina playfully mimed the lyrics of David Guetta’s “Where Them Girls At” while dancing on a moving London Underground train.


Gotta match the vibes when i arrive #londontiktok #nickiminaj

♬ where dem girls at – fee✩

Sabrina Bahsoon mentioned that she would frequently dance and groove to music during her daily commutes on the London Underground. Her decision to record and share one such moment led to a viral sensation.

Sabrina’s video gained immense popularity on social media platforms, reaching over 567,000 followers and receiving over 20.1 million likes.

Sabrina told the BBC, “When I see people imitating it [the trend] I’m like ‘finally like people are getting it. They’re enjoying their commute a little bit better. And I love to see people having fun so it’s honestly such a heartwarming thing for me.”

As “Tube Girl” dances its way across the globe, Singapore joins the rhythm of this viral sensation. From Siti Nurhidayah Sajuna’s spirited moves to Sabrina Bahsoon’s playful groove, this trend reminds us that even amid daily routines, there’s always room for a little joy and a whole lot of fun.

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