The Most Streamed Show Of 2020 Feels God In This Chili’s Tonight

We’re streaming our shows more and more, especially as COVID-19 keeps us inside and isolated from friends and family. Despite how much we’re streaming, though, broadcast TV is still a dominant force as revealed by Nielsen, the long-running authority on television viewership.

Nielsen revealed the most streamed shows and movies of 2020, split up between original (Mandalorian, Ozark) and acquired (The Office, Supernatural) content.

The most-streamed series of 2020 include The Office, Grey’s Anatomy, and Criminal Minds. The Office wins with over 57 billion minutes streamed from Netflix in 2020. Grey’s Anatomy was at 39 billion, and Criminal Minds at 35 billion. The list also includes NCIS, Schitt’s Creek, Supernatural, Shameless, New Girl, The Blacklist, and Vampire Diaries.

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