Tesla Owner Breaks Record, Drives Car 900,000 Kilometers

A Germany man just set a new Tesla record for highest mileage, racking up 559,350 miles (900,000 kilometers) in his Model S P85.

Road Warrior

Hansjörg Gemmingen just set a new world record with his Tesla.

The German man is the proud owner of a Model S P85, one of the oldest versions of the vehicle. On July 14, he tweeted two images showing that the odometer on his car displayed 900,000 kilometers (559,350 miles) — setting the new world mileage record for any model Tesla.

World Record

According to an Inside EVs story, Gemmingen’s Tesla is now on its second battery pack but still has its original motor — an incredible feat for any vehicle, electric or fossil fuel-powered.

However, while Gemmingen’s Model S might now hold the world record for highest mileage, there’s still one Tesla that’s traveled farther: SpaceX’s Starman-piloted Roadster has already racked up more than 1.1 billion kilometers (700 million miles) in space.

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