Stories you might’ve missed, Feb 6

Car driver uses his elderly mother to ‘chope’ carpark space at AMK Hub


Photo: FB screengrab/COMPLAINT SINGAPORE (Choi YW)

SINGAPORE — An irate netizen took to social media to complain after seeing an older woman chope-ing a car parking space at AMK Hub shopping mall.

The car park is not even full. Pls advise your elderly mother not to chope car park like this. It’s dangerous to herself,” wrote Facebook user Ms Choi YW on the COMPLAINT SINGAPORE page on Sunday (Feb 5).

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Desmond Lee files Ministerial Motion to counter PSP’s public housing motion


Photo: Facebook screengrab / desmondtslee

SINGAPORE — The Minister for National Development Desmond Lee has filed a ministerial motion on ‘affordable and accessible public housing’ in response to an earlier motion filed by Progress Singapore Party’s (PSP) non-constituency members of parliament Leong Mun Wai and Hazel Poa on the public housing policies.

This was announced earlier in the week by Sim Ann, Senior Minister of State for National Development, who said that the motion by the People’s Action Party MP is to ‘affirm the importance of keeping public housing affordable and accessible, while protecting the interests of both current and future generations of Singaporeans, and to endorse the government’s commitment to these twin goals.’

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Grandson searches for his late grandmother on Google Maps whenever he misses her every CNY, says ‘miss you grandma’


Photo: TikTok screengrab/retroridersg

SINGAPORE — A grandson who said that he searches for photos of his late grandmother on Google Maps every time he misses her during the Lunar New Year season touched the hearts of many viewers.

On Jan 27, the grandson who goes by @retroridersg on TikTok posted a photo of a street view from Google Maps where his grandma can be seen. “Every Chinese new year whenever I miss my late grandma, I would come to google map and she will be there. miss you grandma,” he wrote.

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Letter to the Editor | Ugly & bad behaviour in civilised society and first-world country like Singapore


Photo: jcomp/Freepik (for illustration purposes only)

I read with disappointment about Auntie uses bus handlebar as footrest; commuter urges bus captain to call police (Jan 9) on The Independent Singapore news.

Undesirable, ugly or bad behaviours are quite often noticed in the civilised society and the first world country like Singapore. For example,

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Former PSP candidate Kumaran Pillai is back in ‘another avatar’ to serve Singaporeans, says his political journey is far from over…


SINGAPORE — After nearly a year’s break from active politics, Kumaran Pillai, 2020 Singapore General Election candidate for Kebun Baru, is back on familiar ground as he visited the Mayflower Market and spent some time talking to hawkers and patrons in the area on the final day of Chinese New Year.

He was seen with several of his supporters clad in bright red and the letter ‘K’ in bold gold on the left side of the shirt. The group went around the market, with the former Progress Singapore Party’s communications chief handing out oranges to the hawkers and striking up conversations with them.

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