Stories you might’ve missed, Dec 7

Lin Youyi rents 500 sq ft condo instead of living in her own 1,000 sq ft apartment, says “I can survive with just one suitcase”


Photo: IG screengrab/you_yi

Lin Youyi, 42, Singaporean television host, current affairs presenter and actress, recently moved out of her 1,000 sq ft apartment to a one-room Tanjong Pagar condo instead. Due to the nature of her job as a current affairs presenter and travel host, Lin Youyi has seen with her own eyes the disastrous effects of climate change, which inspired her to reflect and change her lifestyle by cutting out excesses.

In an interview with, the television host shared that travelling has taught her so much. “When I was living with my parents, I took everything for granted. I had all the space I wanted, bought everything I wanted and just dumped it in the house” she said. When she started doing her travelogue, she realized that she can survive with just one suitcase. “We don’t really need so many things in life,” the 42-year-old added.

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While some show support, others say ‘step down’ after MP Christopher de Souza found guilty of professional misconduct


FB screengrab: Christopher de Souza

On Tuesday night (Dec 6), the news broke out that Member of Parliament for Holland-Bukit Timah GRC was found guilty of professional misconduct by a disciplinary tribunal. The MP is also the Deputy Speaker of Parliament.

The charge against Mr de Souza, a lawyer by profession, was related to dealings with his clients, Amber Compounding Pharmacy and Amber Laboratories. It was determined by the tribunal that the MP had failed to make “a full and frank disclosure to the court when he was aware that his client had breached the conditions of a search order,” reported The Straits Times on Tuesday.

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Hawker charges $3.50 for white rice with bean sprouts, netizen calls it daylight robbery



Yet another upset netizen complained about the high price of food at a hawker stall, taking to social media with his outrage.

“This Indian stall at sixth Ave charge my helper $3.50 for bean sprouts n white rice. Question them, they say now all things expensive.

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Netizen asks 377A repeal supporters if they would also accept their own children if they came out as LGBTQ+


Facebook screengrab/ LGBT in Singapore

Parliament passed the repeal of Section 377A of the Penal Code, Singapore’s colonial-era law criminalizing sexual acts between consenting adult males, last week. Understandably, in conservative Singaporean society, this was not an easy feat.

One Reddit user, upon hearing two aunties at a hawker centre discussing the issue, asked on Monday (Dec 5), “To those who support 377A, do you also accept it if your kids came out?”

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Durian prices in Singapore plunge as low as S$10/kg for Musang King after Malaysia’s bumper crop



A bountiful harvest of durians—partly due to good weather conditions in Malaysia has led to among the lowest prices of the fruit sold in Singapore in the past few years. This year’s planting in Johor and Pahang were ready for harvest at the same time, which led to an abundant supply.

And as everyone knows, a greater supply drives prices down. In even better news for die-hard durian fans, prices may go even further down by mid-month and continue to stay low till February, when the holiday season ends.

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