S’porean couple wins M’sian people’s praise for clearing table after meal at Port Dickson eatery

SINGAPORE: A couple from Singapore has won the hearts of Malaysians for their good manners after dining at a restaurant in Port Dickson, Malaysia.

A TikTok video showing a man and a woman going the extra mile to help the eatery staff has gone viral, and many commenters wrote that the couple had been well-trained with good manners from Singapore. The video posted on Thursday (Dec 7) has since been viewed nearly 90,000 times, with the eatery owner writing in the caption: “They even helped to clear the other tables. I hope this customer will always be blessed with good fortune.”


Sampai meja lain pun dia tolong kemas sekali. Semoga pelanggan macam ni murah rezeki selalu 🙏 #fyp #xyzbca #foryourpage #coffee #portdickson #kopidankueh

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The video, posted on the account of Kopi Kueh restaurant at Port Dickson, first shows a young couple who appear to have just finished their meal. They’ve stacked all their dishes onto their tray, and the man returns it. But before doing so, he pushes forward with his foot on both ends of the bench where he had sat so that it’s out of the way of people walking by.

Meanwhile, the woman also pushes in all the chairs on her side of the table. She then picks up the condiment bottles. She proceeds to follow him to where the trays are returned but then turns back to the table in front of the one where they had sat, where the previous diners had left a tray with a plate and some drink cups.

Still holding the condiment bottles in her hand, she stacks everything on the table onto the tray and then carries the full tray away with the bottles in her hand. The video then cuts to a counter where the couple brings the trays, where a smiling woman greets the man, then the woman.

Many TikTok users have also dropped comments on the post. And while one commented that the couple had been “trained in Singapura” to clear their tables, others said this behaviour is expected in Singapore.

Earlier this year, the National Environment Agency (NEA) and Singapore Food Agency (SFA) announced that there would be stricter rules for those who don’t return their food trays and crockery. From June 1 onward, this applies to individuals who fail to return their used trays and crockery: First-time offenders will be issued a written warning, while repeat offenders will be issued fines or charged in court.

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