Singaporean woman living in the US but lost her job asks ‘Would you pick SG or US to raise a child?’

SINGAPORE — A Singaporean woman living in the United States recently lost her job. She’s been thinking about moving back to Singapore since she became a mum and asked Reddit users on Sunday (Feb 5) whether they would choose Singapore or the US to raise a child.

The woman explained that her husband is an American and their child has dual citizenship. She added that education and safety are better in Singapore, and she’d have more support from family members, but the move would be problematic for her husband.

“My life in the US is too quiet as I have no friends and only interact with my husband for a few hours each day, and it’s badly affecting my mental health. Healthcare and childcare will likely be cheaper in SG (for baby and I, at least) than in the US,” she wrote, adding that since they live in a small town, she had experienced racist encounters, which she does not want for her child.

She and her husband had also just purchased a home in the US, “and it’s something that’d be impossible to get in SG.”

They will also have to give up their pets and car.

Also, her husband doesn’t enjoy living in a city.

She added, “I have no idea what work culture is like in SG because I’ve never had a job here before. I don’t even know how well my husband will adapt or if he can find a job here (no certifications and work experience that’s all over the place).”

Many comments were given on her post pointing out that a move to SG would certainly be tough on her husband.

Another Reddit user wrote, “For me, I will go with the option that creates the least unhappiness between of you for now. If the first option doesn’t work, it is easier to take the second option.”

“Grow up in US, live in SG when older. Personal experience as someone who have been in both places. It’s like going from hard mode to easy mode in my honest opinion,” another advised.

One warned, “Honestly, you may not enjoy the work culture in Singapore, it is vastly different. Factor that in your consideration.”

Some said that one thing she and her husband might consider is moving to a bigger city in the US.

“It’s going to come down to money and your ability to earn it. While money does not make us happy, there is nothing fun about one partner not having work or both struggling to make bank, regardless of nature or convenience,” another warned.

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