SG customer buys second-hand BMW, but dealer disappears before defects are fixed

A netizen by the name of Dappy Tan took to social media to complain about a secondhand BMW he bought. Although he told the dealer about the vehicle’s numerous defects, there was little action taken even after the loan for the car was approved, and Mr Tan took the BMW home.

Mr Tan wrote in a Dec 6 (Tuesday) post on the popular COMPLAINT SINGAPORE Facebook page that he had been required to put a deposit down in order to secure a car from the dealer. When he took the BMW for a test drive, he discovered some defects and told the representative of Evolution Motors by the name of Farhan about them, who pledged to get them repaired before the vehicle was sold.

“The loan started on 11 September 2022. I collected my vehicle only on 29 September 2022 after many delays from Farhan,” Mr Tan wrote, adding that when he did get the BMW, not only had the defects not been addressed, but the car had also not been washed or vacuumed at all.

Moreover, the single key Mr Tan had been given had already fallen apart, causing him to change the key casing and duplicate one more on his own dime, though Farhan pledged that he would pay for it. As of his posting, several issues have yet to be addressed.

1. Defects not fixed (Absorber, left rear window, right mirror not changed, engine mounting not changed, left front door lock not fixed)

2. Deposit not refunded

3. Money for key casing and duplicate not paid

4. Paperwork not sent

5. Subframe has already broken as a result of the delays from not fixing engine mounting

6. Aircon took 1 week delay before they finally changed the compressor

Farhan had told Mr Tan that their suppliers had faced delays, which is why the car’s problems could not be fixed.

“No service recovery at all. Farhan would just MIA when I contact him. It has been almost 3 months of delay. I do not have trust in Evolution Motors anymore.”

And if the car’s issues were not enough, when Mr Tan showed the car to a mechanic he trusted, he discovered that its subframe had broken.

Mr Tan ended his post by saying, “I have consulted a lawyer and made a police report. I am sharing this experience as I do not want anyone else to face this kind of situation.”

He tagged several media outlets, as well as Evolution Motors itself, in the post. /TISG

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