SanDisk’s prototype 4TB flash drive is the biggest one ever

Flash drives are good. Bigger flash drives are better. At CES 2019, SanDisk has the biggest flash drive ever: an absolutely massive 4TB prototype USB-C drive that can still fit in your pocket.

The drive doesn’t have a name, much less actual specifications like a price tag or a release date. I’m also not even sure if it’s fair to call it a flash drive, considering that it has an integrated USB-C cable that puts this more on the side of “very small SSD” than “very large flash drive.” But nomenclature quibbling aside, it’s still a remarkably small 4TB drive that you could fit into your pocket, and that’s cool!

A quarter for scale.

Odds are that SanDisk will never end up shipping the 4TB drive (at least, not in its…

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