Rangers fans set stadium on fire, defaced Liverpool murals and clashed with police ahead of Liverpool vs Rangers match



Right before the Champions League match between Liverpool and Rangers began at Anfield, a fan was arrested. The disturbance started right before the match and the Merseyside Police came rushing to the scene.

This is not the first time when fans were causing disruption prior to or after a game. Just last week, there was an altercation between England fans and German fans after the 2022 World Cup preliminaries. More information about that here.

According to the British press, the Merseyside Police, after having numerous experiences with unpleasant fans, had instilled a new strategy to ensure that the game would proceed without disturbances. An investigation has started regarding the defaced murals of Trent Alexander-Arnold and Jürgen Klopp.

The murals were an art installation done by local Merseyside artists in support of their home football team, Liverpool.

Police statement regarding fan arrest

A statement made by the police read, ‘Merseyside Police has a history of successfully supporting large sporting events and a comprehensive policing plan is in place to ensure the match goes ahead smoothly and everyone attending has a safe and enjoyable time.

‘The history between Liverpool and Rangers supporters is good, but as with any high-profile European football match, we will ensure there is an adequate number of officers in and around the city centre to monitor and engage with fans from both sides to ensure their safe passage to Anfield.

‘Merseyside Police has also linked in with partners including Liverpool Football Club and Liverpool City Council to ensure the event passes smoothly and that there is minimum disruption and congestion to roads and pedestrians as well as local businesses.’

Netizen’s response to the situation

Tweets about the incident by ESPN went viral, and others had a lot to say based on what happened. First off, Rangers fans were setting a part of the stadium on fire, when a photograph was taken of it, it looked as though the whole stadium was on fire. Many could have gotten injured if it went out of hand.

Netizens are saying that Rangers fans are disgraceful and distasteful for committing such irresponsible acts on a competitor’s home turf. Ranger fans claimed that they were ‘taking over’ Anfield, when the sad reality was that they lost the match in a humiliating 2-0 against Liverpool.

It appears that Jürgen Klopp still has a hold over his team. “Rangers were an embarrassment, barely crossed the halfway line. They will be thrashed next week at kip as they will have to come out and try,” stated by a netizen.

“Take over Anfield? They couldn’t even take a ball from Liverpool.” Rangers are being criticized on social media for their fans’ behaviour. “Honestly, Liverpool didn’t even need to break a sweat.”


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