Ohio State had a bit of fun at Apple’s expense during today’s game against MSU

Earlier this week, some Apple users using iOS 11.1 experienced a glitch: if they typed in the letter “I”, it prompted an autocorrect suggestion of “A[?],” prompting a number of jokes around the internet. Apparently, the glitch also impacted Ohio State fans during today’s game against Michigan State.

During a break in the game, the university led the crowd in a card stunt to chant “OHIO,” using a group of people holding giant cards to form the letters. Only this time, they decided to have a bit of fun at Apple’s expense, by replacing “I” with “A[?]”.

Ohio State trolling Apple

(@darrenrovell, @BleacherReport) pic.twitter.com/u7A563gi1i

— Brian Havrilla (@brianhavrilla) November 11, 2017

Other users took pictures of the stunt:


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