Of PEEPS Donuts and Donut Sticks in 2019

New donuts launched in two of the major fast-food
chains in 2019.

the fierce competition among fast-food chains, it’s imperative for their
management to introduce new products to encourage more customers into their
restaurants. Dunkin’
and McDonald’s are no exception to
the rule!

are the new offerings that the fast-food giants have launched in recent months.
We think that people with the proverbial sweet tooth will find these foods to
their liking, especially the ones who can’t get enough of donuts. 


better way to welcome the spring season than with an Easter treat? According to
Dunkin’ Donuts, the best Easter treat is PEEPS and it will be featuring a few
PEEPS marshmallow-flavored items including espresso and coffee drinks, as well
as a PEEPS donut with a yellow chick as topping. The yellow chick is a
whimsical touch since it’s a symbol of Easter in many parts of the world. 

treats will be available starting in April 1 and for a limited time afterwards.
According to Dunkin’ Donuts, the PEEPS Donut will consist of a delectable
combination of white icing with green, egg-shaped sprinkle blend and the mini
yellow PEEPS marshmallow chick as topping. This should be a slightly sweeter
concoction than the usual donut, thanks to the PEEPS marshmallow but it won’t
be too sweet that you can’t finish an entire donut or two.

then there’s the PEEPS Marshmallow Flavored Coffee, a creamy combo of Dunkin’s
signature coffee and classic PEEPS marshmallows. This is available in hot and
cold coffee drinks, as well as in espresso drinks, frozen chocolate drinks, and
frozen coffee drinks. Hopefully, the strong coffee flavor will cut through the
sweetness of the marshmallow resulting in more balanced flavor. 

if the PEEPS donuts and drinks aren’t enough excitement for a Dunkin’ Donuts
fan, then the free coffee and donuts will increase the anticipation. Mark your
calendars, ladies and gents, since from April 2 to 4, Dunkin’ Donuts customers
will provide free donuts and coffee to customers in selected locations! 

chain’s coffee car and Peepsmobile, both of which are customized vehicles, will
travel to six Dunkin’ shops during the 3-day period. Their route will start at
Bethlehem, Pennsylvania, the birthplace of PEEPS, and end in Quincy,
Massachusetts, the birthplace of Dunkin’ Donuts. Call it going back to your
roots or giving back to your hometown but whatever it is, you may want to check
out the complete route and take advantage of the freebies. 

keeping with its tradition of seasonal products, the donut and beverage-centric
chain has also launched new spring menu items; these will be available starting
on April 1 and available at selected Dunkin’ outlets nationwide for a limited
period. These items include Sweet Sriracha Bacon Breakfast Sandwich, Chocolate
Cherry Cold Brew, Frozen Lemonade, and Iced Tea Lemonade.

if you’re a fan of PEEPS, you will be happy to know that there will be new
flavors released for the favorite marshmallows. These are Easter-inspired
flavors including pancakes and syrup, cotton candy, root beer float, chocolate
caramel swirl, orange sherbet with crème-flavored fudge, and blue
raspberry.  Perhaps you can pair them
with the Dunkin’ Donuts PEEPS donuts – after all, sweet upon sweet has its

Donut Sticks

may not be known for its desserts but it’s definitely trying. The Donut Sticks
are its latest effort in attracting more customers to its restaurants and we
have to say that it may well succeed. 
These are only available during the breakfast hours and best paired with
McCafe coffee, if you want the coffee to cut through the sweetness of the donut

for those wondering if Donut Sticks sounds suspiciously like Donut Fries, a
Dunkin’ Donut product, then you’re right. But there are enough differences
between the two that a fast-food fan can tell the difference even without
labels attached to them.

the Donut Sticks are similar to churros in that both are fried dough with a
generous covering of cinnamon sugar. But the Donut Sticks aren’t crunchy,
unlike churros, and these are much shorter in length than typical churros.

Sticks are also flakier, as well as with a light and airy texture like a
croissant. Think of these sticks as the idea of McDonald’s to marry as many
pastries as possible and, hopefully, create something relatively new-ish. The
dusting of sugar and cinnamon is just right so it doesn’t overwhelm the dough
and add too much sweetness. 

come as a six-in-a-pack item for an affordable price.

can either eat Donut Sticks on their own, preferably with coffee, or eat them
as dessert after a breakfast meal. But keep in mind that these pack a punch in
terms of calories so sharing a pack of Donut Sticks make nutrition sense.

something good to be said about being updated with the news coming from the top
fast-food joints. At the very least, you will have great food to share on your
social media accounts. 

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