NUS students develop game aimed to break down taboos over end-of-life planning

SINGAPORE: A plan for how one’s life ends is never easy, so four National University of Singapore (NUS) Business School students have endeavoured to make it easier by developing a card game that will take you step-by-step.

“Will of Fortune by Immortalize is an immersive strategy card game that helps you master legacy planning in a fun and engaging way. Play as one of the 9 unique personas, each with their own backstory, personality, and distinctive special power.

Take on the task of protecting the main character Peter Devan’s lifelong legacy before he runs out of time. Strategise your moves, sabotage, or collaborate with other players – your choice in every round matters,” reads an explanation on the Immortalize site, adding that players will “discover tools used for legacy planning and learn how you can plan ahead in real life.”

There’s even a nine-minute tutorial on YouTube for playing WOFI.

Elderhood marketplace and information provider Immortalize marked the official launch of WOFI to the media on Tuesday (May 30).

The game aims to remove the taboos surrounding legacy and end-of-life planning.

“By making the game fun, engaging, and repeatedly playable, we hope to help people learn about how to better plan for ageing!” Immortalize wrote in a Facebook post.

The game was created by NUS students Jonathan Chin, Chiu Yu Xuan, Koh Ngiap Seng and Mandy Tay.

Ms Tay told Yahoo Southeast Asia during the launch that when her grandmother died last year, the difficulties her family faced afterwards were the catalyst that sparked the idea for the game.

“My grandmother’s passing made me confront the chaos and confusion that arises when families are unprepared for such eventualities. It made me realise the importance of starting conversations and planning ahead,” she is quoted in Yahoo as saying.

And on June 1 (Thursday), Immortalize had a very special announcement. Those who avail of the game set now will receive a FREE LPA Form 1 Certification worth S$100.



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