My favorite new Steam Deck mod is this $30 see-through heatsink backplate

You can see the Steam Deck’s battery and fan through this transparent rear casing.
A see-through Steam Deck, with JSAUX’s backplate. | Photo by Sean Hollister / The Verge

Silly me.

I thought I was buying JSAUX’s transparent backplate for the Steam Deck for the bragging rights. Transparent gadgets are fun! But you know what’s cooler than seeing inside your Steam Deck? Having a Deck that runs cooler, too.

I’m happy to report that after spending $30 on my very own JSAUX PC0106 Transparent Back Plate for Steam Deck, my original skepticism didn’t pan out. Not only does it look great — its built-in aluminum heatsink actually does help manage the $400 handheld gaming PC’s heat. And at just eight Phillips-head screws and a little prying to pop off your original backplate, it’s an easy mod to do.

Comparing an original Steam Deck to one with the JSAUX backplate.

Originally, I figured a sheet…

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