MOS Burger manager started throwing & banging things loudly after elderly employee made a mistake

SINGAPORE: A eight-minute video posted on TikTok by a GrabFood rider of what appeared to be a MOS Burger manager’s temper tantrum has gone viral, getting nearly 630,000 views and over 1600 comments.

TikTok user James Ong, who goes by @james_sg88 on the platform, captioned his June 6 video by writing, “was collecting my Grabfood order at MOS Burger HDB hub when this happened. this is totally unacceptable.”


was collecting my Grabfood order at MOS burger HDB hub when this happened this is totally unacceptable #mosburgersg #toapayoh #grabfood #singaporetiktok #sgtiktok

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James was at the MOS Burger outlet in Toa Payoh’s HDB Hub collecting an order when he chanced upon the store manager confronting an elderly staff who had mistakenly given the delivery order to someone else.

The rider then says in Mandarin, “Uncle gave to the wrong person? It’s ok, as long as the order is correct.”

The manager then goes off to prepare the delivery order but can be heard loudly banging things around in the kitchen, which can be very clearly heard on James’ recording.

James then asks the uncle, ”What’s his problem?” after which the elderly man apologised to the rider repeatedly.

The very loud banging—which goes on for several minutes—not only startles the elderly employee and James but other diners in the restaurant as well.

James can be heard telling the uncle, “Nevermind, I got a camera here. If I upload it on Facebook, I’m sure he’ll be fired, I tell you.”

After finally getting the order, the delivery rider kindly checked on the uncle, asking him if everything was all right.

The Independent Singapore has reached out to MOS Burger for comment.

Netizens commenting on the video said that the head office of MOS Burger should hear about the manager’s alarming behaviour.

Some have even tagged the eatery in a comment.

Others were very sympathetic toward the uncle.

Some, who have met the uncle personally, wrote about how pleasant he is.

A few netizens commented on how hard the F&B industry is.         


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