Morning Digest, March 19

Indonesian hired for a banking job asks if 9.5-hour workday is ‘normal’ in Singapore


Photo: Freepik/tirachardz (for illustration purposes only).

SINGAPORE: “Is 9.5h workday normal in Singapore?” asked Reddit user hoddeokk on Thursday (Mar 16), explaining that he’s an Indonesian who studied and worked in the US before moving to Singapore for a job in banking.

“HR told me work hours are 9-6.30 and fully in office every day with 1 hour break. That sounds really long to me coming from US work culture,” he continued, before asking, “How do people cope with such long working hours without burning out?”

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Elderly tissue seller uncle reported to SMRT by man who saw him counting money


Photos: Sam/Stomp

SINGAPORE: A video of an elderly tissue seller being told to move away from Bukit Batok MRT station by SMRT staff is going viral online. The video was taken by the man who reported the tissue seller to SMRT.

The dissatisfied Singaporean who took the video identified himself as Sam to the citizen journalism portal Stomp and said that the incident took place last Thursday (9 Mar) at 4.15 pm. Spotting the elderly tissue vendor counting his earnings for the day, Sam approached the counter to check whether selling tissue by the uncle was permitted in the vicinity.

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Woman who lent her friend over $10K sees him travelling overseas and asks “hello, did you forget you got debt to pay”


(Photo by Roslan RAHMAN / AFP)

SINGAPORE: A woman took to social media wondering if she would ever get back the ‘5-digits-worth’ of money she lent her friend.

In an anonymous post to popular confessions page SGWhispers, the woman wrote that she knows she “was damn stupid to lend my friend 5 digit worth of money, only for everything to be lost in a scam. We were all victims of the situation, especially my friend, so I tried being understanding about the due date in which they would return the money to me. They owe about 6 digits worth to multiple people.”.

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‘I scrimp due to rental increase’ — Singaporeans weigh in on scrimping vs saving when eating out



SINGAPORE: Netizens are weighing in on scrimping vs saving after an online citizen posted a question on an online forum regarding eating out in Singapore.

“Do you scrimp and save on food or do you splurge?” A netizen took to an online forum for questions about anything and everything related to Singapore early this week (March 14). Referring to a recent survey on food prices, the netizen said, “(It) made me wonder if Singaporeans scrimp or splurge on food. Do you always go for the cheapest options that can fill your stomach? Doesn’t eating the same cheap food options get boring after a while? Or do you splurge and spend on whatever you feel like eating from the menu? Don’t you find it a waste spending extra money when there are cheaper alternatives?”

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‘Pls get in touch if u see her’ — S’porean pet parent shares photos of calico cat, asks help finding their lost fur baby


Image: Ask Singapore Reddit screengrab /@wrakshae

SINGAPORE: Every pet parent’s worst nightmare is losing their fur baby. An online citizen is going through exactly that and has reached out to the Singaporean public to help find their beloved calico cat.

A netizen took to an online forum early this week (March 13) with a call for help to find their lost calico cat. “Lost Cat: Small Calico Female,” the post read. “Hillview (Bukit Batok/Bukit Gombak/Upper Bukit Timah). Please get in touch if you see her,” the netizen plead. Attached to the post were photos of the cat.

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