Morning Digest, Feb 2

Netizen says ‘Arabiki’ is Japanese word for ‘coarsely ground’ and there’s no intent to mislead or be insensitive


Photo: FB screengrab/Nadia Hanim AR

SINGAPORE — There was a bit of a stir online over locally sold Arabiki sausages, with some appearing to take umbrage over the product’s name.

A Facebook post was circulated recently, showing a package of Arabiki sausages from FairPrice. The caption reads, “Very insensitive!!! NTUC FairPrice. Look at the ingredients…why named Arab…? Be very careful my Muslims family…”

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Woodlands noodle stall owner seeks elderly customer who accidentally paid $450 instead of $4.50, full refund issued


Photo: FB screengrab/Xiao Mei Ban Mian

SINGAPORE — Xiao Mei Ban Mian noodle stall announced on Tuesday night (Jan 31) that the customer who had overpaid them by over four hundred dollars for a meal a few days ago has been found, and a full refund was given to him.

On Sunday (Jan 29), Xiao Mei Ban Mian said on its Facebook page that in its branch at 691 Admiralty, they found “an abnormal Nets QR code transfer” which was $450 too much. Guessing that “instead of $4.50, he/she typed $450,” the eatery wrote that they wanted to give back the extra $445.50 to that customer.

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MOM: Employment in Singapore grows for 5th straight quarter, but there’s also recent rise in retrenchments


Photo: jcomp/Freepik (for illustration purposes only)

SINGAPORE — Employment in Singapore continued to grow in the last quarter of last year, marking the fifth straight quarter of increase, the Ministry of Manpower (MOM) said in Labour Market Advance Release 2022 on Tuesday, Jan 31. Moreover, unemployment stayed low through the last month of 2022.

However, the number of retrenchments is also higher than in the third quarter of 2022 but remains “comparable to its pre-pandemic range”, MOM said.

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Jurong GRC MP Rahayu Mahzam responds to her flyer that says she visited residents on 1 Feb while it’s still January


Photo: IG screengrab/rahayumazam

SINGAPORE — When a flyer was posted on Jan 29 (Sunday) saying that the MP for Bukit Batok East had already visited residents on Feb 1 while it was still January, netizens joked that Ms Rahayu Mazam was “not only a part time MP also a time traveler.”

“Jurong GRC – a land ahead of one’s time,” another Reddit post read. But Ms Rahayu good-naturedly responded to say that the mistake had occurred simply because the wrong notice had been put up.

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‘Young generation think they’re entitled to these salaries with no work experience’ — Singaporeans


Photo: FB screengrab/Singapore Incidents

SINGAPORE — In a video posted on Sunday (Jan 29), a few university students were interviewed on their expected salaries. One young lady said, “I study Business Administration, Majoring in Finance, and I have a double Major in Economics.”

When asked how much she expects to earn when she starts working, she replied, “Okay, there’s a difference between expect and hope…” The interviewer then rephrased the question, asking, “Okay, that you think you will earn.” The young woman then answered, “10,000 SGD.”

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