Marvel’s Defenders Saga Remains Uncensored On Disney Plus, 4K Versions Are Coming Soon

It’s been a tumultuous few weeks for fans of Marvel’s series Defenders shows. The shows are now officially in their new home on Disney+, though, and they’re there in all their mature-rated glory–head smashing and sex scenes included, IGN has confirmed. The 4K versions are returning soon, too, Disney says.

The Defenders Saga of shows that began with Daredevil is decidedly not for kids. If that isn’t evident when Matt Murdock saves a bunch of women from human traffickers in the opening scene, it’s undeniable when Wilson Fisk smashes a Russian mobster’s head in with the door to his SUV. With how kid-friendly Disney+ is generally meant to be, fans were rightly concerned about whether Disney might be tweaking the shows when they made the jump from Netflix over to Disney+.

IGN dug through all ten seasons of these shows looking for discrepancies and found none. The team scoured the shows for their most intense moments. That includes the aforementioned car scene, but also things like the sex scenes between Daredevil and Elektra or Jessica Jones and Luke Cage that occur throughout the series. Disney did add an age gate to the service specifically for these shows, but it’s still great to have confirmation that they’re making the jump intact.

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