Maid misses her flight as she was late for the airport, employer asks if she should cover the cost of rebooking the ticket

SINGAPORE: An employer took to social media asking if she should bear the cost of rebooking her maid’s ticket after the latter missed her flight.

In an anonymous post to a support group on social media, the employer wrote: “Hi, helper missed her flight back as she was late. Should employer cover the cost to rebook her flight?”

In the comments section, netizens suggested that the employer share the ticket cost with the helper. Some also said that the helper should pay the cost of rebooking the flight, especially if it were due to her negligence that she missed the flight.

The employer shared in the comments section that she sent her helper to the airport to ensure she got on the flight. However, on the way back to Singapore from her hometown, the maid missed her flight because she overslept and was late.

However, according to the Manpower Ministry, the employer would be legally responsible for his or her maid until the helper returns to her homeland. The security bond the employer pays for his or her helper will only be discharged after the maid leaves.

According to MOM: “You will be discharged from the security bond liability for a worker only if you meet all of these conditions:

  • You have cancelled the Work Permit.
  • The worker has returned home.
  • You did not breach any of the conditions of the security bond.

If all conditions are met, the security bond will usually be discharged one week after the worker leaves Singapore.

You’ll be notified by post when the security bond is discharged”.

Here’s what netizens who commented on the post said:

Earlier this year, a foreign domestic worker who needed to return home urgently because of her family situation took to social media asking others for advice. Her question was because she had already gone on home leave two months prior and her employer had paid for her flight ticket.

In a post to Facebook group FDW in Singapore (working conditions forum), the maid wrote that in a month, she would have worked for her employer for one year. But, she added: “Unfortunately, I need to go back home because of my 3kids. 15y/o, 7y/o and 3y/o. During my stay with my employer, my mum and my husband is looking after my kids. But my husband got approved on his application in Taiwan. So he ask me to go back home because my mum can’t take care of my kids alone as she is already senior”.

Maid says that she needs to go back home urgently again after 2 months, asks if her employer will still pay for her flight ticket

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