Mad Max Furiosa Spin-Off Set To Film In 2021, And Skype Auditions Are Underway

Mad Max: Fury Road, one of our absolute favorite movies, might finally be getting the long-promised Furiosa spin-off treatment in the next few years. According to Variety, the film director George Miller is working on casting the film right now.

Variety’s report suggests that Miller plans to begin filming his Furiosa prequel in 2021, and that he’s currently holding Skype auditions. He is reportedly meeting with Anna Taylor-Joy (Split) over Skype. It’s not clear from the report whether Taylor-Joy is being planned for the Furiosa role (rumors have suggested the film could be a prequel) or for another part within the film.

The report suggests that the spread of COVID-19 (coronavirus) is making things difficult for Miller, but filming is not due to start for a long time yet.

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