Lee Teng gets a “bald spot” from using stiff neck plaster

SINGAPORE: In an Instagram reel, Lee Teng shared how he became bald because of a neck plaster – which did not treat his stiff neck! In his post caption [translated in English], he stated: Here’s the thing! Stiff Neck put plaster on that day… Stiff neck does not improve or directly becomes hair removal… A piece of baldness is a tragedy~😅” 

The video snippet depicted that a ton of hair had come off his head due to the stickiness of the plaster. It was quite evident from his expression that he was hurt. However, despite his reaction, he also pointed out how his wife laughed so hard because of the unfortunate incident. It made him wonder if she had planned it.


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He added: “[pertaining to his wife Gina Lin] you are smiling so much.. Did you secretly change the patch for me🤔🤔” 

Netizens expressed their thoughts in the comments section of the post. 

His wife, Gina Lin, personally expressed: “I actually took 3 seconds of plastic 😉🤪” 

Artist Hayley Woo commented and said: “Hahahahahaha I’m sorry that I literally LOL at this. Hope you get well soon man.” 

Hayley’s sister, Jayley Woo, also left her own comment and mentioned: “Wow, I’m really sorry brother I laughed from the heart 😂” 

One IG user remarked: “Looking at it hurts.” 

Another user advised that he drink Chinese glutinous rice water for his veins to be alright. 

More users commented: “Noooooo”, and “Omg 😆”. 

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