John Carpenter Really Loves Halo Infinite, As Elon Musk And Others React

Acclaimed horror movie director John Carpenter is a big fan of Halo. The Halloween and The Thing director shared his thoughts on the game on social media, saying it’s the best game in the series.

“Halo Infinite is a fun shooter,” Carpenter said. “Immense beautiful production design. Best of the Halo series.”

HALO INFINITE is a fun shooter. Immense beautiful production design. Best of the Halo series.

— John Carpenter (@TheHorrorMaster) January 16, 2022

The replies came in fast and enthusiastically for Carpenter’s tweet. Xbox marketing boss Aaron Greenberg said, “What an amazing tweet from a creative legend.” Elon Musk said “good campaign.” Halo franchise director Frank O’Connor replied, “This is now a dream! Phew. Time to rewatch Prince of Darkness.” Halo boss Bonnie Ross said, “Wow. Thank you for spending your creative time in our world.”

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