Indian PR asking for divorce advice urged to go back to India to file for divorce because “Singapore is more protective of women”

SINGAPORE: A man wanting to get a divorce asked for advice on Reddit, saying he’s “unable to find a way to reconcile and make my marriage work.”

The man, who identified himself as a Singapore Permanent Resident from India, said that his marriage has been “pretty dysfunctional” for more than two years and that he and his wife have had problems with overbearing parents.

Despite efforts on his part, he wrote in his July 8 r/SingaporeRaw post that he’s not been able to find a compromise with his wife and her family and wants to “find a way to amicably end things,” adding that his wife is a good person whom he once loved.

He would like to present some steps to her so they can move on and forward, and he asked for recommendations for a good lawyer as the first step.

He also asked how the divorce process works for Permanent Residents whose marriages have been registered overseas. He wrote that they could also get a divorce in India but added this concern:

“However, courts there are quite lopsided, and the Singapore judicial system would be much fairer.”

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Commenters on his post agreed that the post author needs to find a good lawyer. One wrote that it should ideally be someone who can “explain the best and clear-cut way for a divorce.”

“An ugly divorce can lead to long-term suffering,” they added. As for filing for divorce in Singapore vs India, some commenters suggested that India may be better.

One wrote that in Singapore, the Women’s Charter “is one of the few good things that favour women here… think you better look for options in India instead.”

Another commenter, who said that the post author’s situation is “so complicated,” advised him that it was “better to go back to India because Singapore is very protective towards women.”

The Women’s Charter was passed in Parliament in Singapore in 1961. It was designed to protect and improve the rights of women and girls and guarantee that they are given greater equality under the law in legally sanctioned marriages.

As gender equality advocacy group AWARE puts it, the Charter gives married women the same rights as their husbands.


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