Indian couple earning over 500K draw mixed reactions after expressing desire to get Singapore citizenship

SINGAPORE: A foreign family living and working in Singapore have received mixed responses after they sought information online on how they can achieve Singapore citizenship.

The dual-income family of four, who are from India, disclosed that they earn over S$500,000 per year as they sought feedback from netizens on their chances of Singapore citizenship.

The 33-year-old father of the family, who will be the main applicant, has been in Singapore since 2008 and has been a permanent resident for the past 10 years, since 2014. He apparently works in the financial technology sector and earns a generous pay package including a base salary of $300,000, a bonus of $170,000, along with equity in his company.

The wife, also a permanent resident, is 36 years old and earns $40,000 a year in the education sector. Both husband and wife are well educated degree-holders. They added that their four-year-old son has been granted permanent residency as well while their newborn daughter will soon have a Long Term Visit Pass.

The couple revealed that they are seeking feedback as to their chances of acquiring citizenship as the husband unsuccessfully applied for citizenship twice before, before he got married in 2019.

While a number of netizens replied that the family has a high chance of acquiring citizenship, especially since their son will likely be enlisted for his National Service, some were more drawn to the hefty income the family enjoys.

The most upvoted comment on the Reddit thread the couple posted in says, “not sure whether you come here to flex the income, damn”.

Others asked why the family is seeking citizenship since they are already permanent residents.

Some offered more practical advice. One commenter suggested, “Should be fine especially since you are contributing a son to NS, and your wife is still in childbearing age…I’d be very surprised if you don’t get it.”

Another netizen echoed: “I think it is quite high, considering your son will be doing NS, and you are already a PR. If you apply after your son completes NS, I believe it is super high. Why do you want citizenship though?”

One commenter, however, pointed out that high income alone may not be an accurate indicator of their chances of success and that the couple should look at whether their individual Central Provident Fund (CPF) contributions meets or exceeds the national savings average.


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