Ho Ching warns against “wicked” scam using her name and photo

SINGAPORE: Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong’s wife Ho Ching has warned her Facebook followers of a scam using her name and photograph to dupe people into believing that they can earn a lot of money from the Government’s Covid-19 relief package.

Mdm Ho shared on Facebook yesterday (23 Mar) that the scammers are spreading fake news about the Covid-19 relief package that the Government has implemented to help Singaporeans tide over the financial impact of the pandemic.

Insinuating that Singaporeans can make money off this relief fund, the scammers are using Mdm Ho’s name and photograph as well as the names and pictures of other prominent individuals to convince unsuspecting individuals to sign up and earn cash.

Revealing that the scam is being spread on fake news portals and social media threads, Mdm Ho said: “These fake news and scammers are quite wicked, preying on the vulnerable, and trying to cheat them of their life savings through various means.”

She urged, “Please don’t fall for such attempts to bring discredit to the Covid-19 efforts of Singaporeans and other Singapore residents, as well as various others outside SG, working together to combat Covid-19.”

Mdm Ho is also concerned about “malicious players trying to sow distrust to break the unity and harmony of a society.” She appealed to all Singaporeans to report such fake news and scams whenever they are spotted.

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