Helper who was in Hong Kong for 6 years wants weekly days off and a “high salary of $900” says employer who wonders if maid can adjust to SG life

SINGAPORE: An employer who recently hired a helper from Hong Kong took to social media to share concerns about whether her maid would be able to adjust to life here.

In an anonymous post to a Facebook group for domestic helpers, the employer wrote that the maid she was considering hiring worked in Hong Kong for 6 years. “I am considering hiring an ex-Hong Kong helper. She was there for 6 years. Used to weekly off days and had high salary of $900. I am concerned about her adjusting to Singapore. Can anyone share their experience with an ex-Hong Kong helper?” she asked.

In the comments section, other helpers and employers had various responses. One said that most helpers in Hong Kong did not stay with their employers, so they needed to fork out a portion of their salary for rental and food. Others said that a basic pay of $900 was indeed high unless the helper was experienced. A helper said that she worked in Hong Kong previously and urged the employer to find out the maid’s background as many helpers she knew borrowed money from banks in Hong Kong and would run to other countries.

Here’s what they said:

Earlier this year, another foreign domestic worker took to social media asking if she will still be compensated now that it is mandatory for helpers to take a day off per month. In a post to Facebook group FDW in Singapore (working conditions forum), the maid asked if anyone could let her know how much the salary for an Indonesian foreign domestic worker should be.

According to the Manpower Ministry, from 1 January 2023, all employers must provide their migrant domestic workers (MDWs) at least one rest day a month that cannot be compensated away.  This is part of the measures announced by the Ministry of Manpower (MOM) last year to allow MDWs to rest and recharge from work, as well as form networks of support outside the household. MOM has also developed a guide to support employers and MDWs in initiating early conversations on the rest day arrangements and to help employers plan alternative arrangements for the household if required.

In her post, the maid added: “If counting for a month is 26 but Sunday is still working (3), and just take 1 day off do the order on the new rule ist the 3 of Sunday still can replace with money of just leave it blank . I just confused over this”.

Netizens who commented on her post advised her to check her employment contract to be sure. Others also advised her that other than the one day a month that was a mandatory rest day, the other days she could work and have her employer pay her as compensation.

Maid asks how much she will be paid now that she has one compulsory rest day per month, asks if she will still be compensated for the other weekends she works

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