HDB will repaint ceilings and walls in all GreenVines BTO blocks: Baey Yam Keng

SINGAPORE: Tampines GRC MP Baey Yam Keng revealed yesterday (28 Mar) that the Housing Development Board (HDB) has decided to repaint the ceilings and non-tiled walls of the lift lobbies in all the blocks at the Tampines GreenVines built-to-order (BTO) development after residents’ complaints about the original design theme went viral.

The BTO at Tampines St 62 is a cluster of flats distinguished by three colourways: red, yellow and blue. While families were excited to move into the brand-new development, some were put off by how garish the colours were in certain areas, like the lift landings.

One couple moving into their flat in the yellow block said the bright yellow colour scheme at the lift lobby looked like a “Hong Kong horror movie set”.

The reactions to this building were nothing compared to those registered at the red block. Several residents called the red colour scheme “creepy” and “ghost-like”. Some also pointed out that the dark colour may pose safety risks for seniors due to low visibility at night.

Earlier this month, Mr Baey revealed that some who live in the yellow blocks expressed dislike for the theme when he made a site visit back in December last year, but he had told them that “it would be difficult to justify a change due to personal preferences which are very subjective.”

He said these residents now find the yellow lift lobbies “quite attractive (although unusual) after they see it before their own eyes.”

He added, “Sometimes, beyond the initial shock/unfamiliarity, we do get used to unconventional designs over time. Therefore, I am glad that we were not impulsive in December and demanded HDB to make changes then.”

The HDB has informed the ruling party politician that it will paint all the ceilings and non-tiled walls of Tampines GreenVines lift lobbies white, following residents’ feedback.

Expressing support for HDB’s call, Mr Baey said: “While there have been differing views from residents and public on whether the lobbies should be repainted or retained, and which lobbies or even which walls to be repainted, HDB decided to apply a consistent approach to all blocks – red, yellow and blue.”

Noting that the area has become popular among those seeking to capture artistic photos, the MP reminded the public to refrain from disturbing residents when they visit the area. He said:

“HDB blocks are public spaces and I do welcome visitors to Tampines. However, I would like to remind all that these are residential properties and to accord my residents their privacy. Please keep your volume down and do not intrude into their living spaces. Be careful of yourselves too as residents are moving in and there are renovations going on.”

Residents expressed dislike for garish BTO theme last year but repaint only took place after “ghostlike” lift lobby went viral

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