HDB resident draws flak for complaining about Sepak Takraw competition at void deck

SINGAPORE: An HDB resident caught some flak on social media for complaining about the noise from the Sepak Takraw competition held at their building’s void deck.

Taking to the ‘Complaint Singapore’ Facebook group last Sunday (July 7), the resident shared that he was unaware that the competition would occur in their neighbourhood.

“Shouldn’t tournaments be held in a proper stadium or enclosed area? This sepak takraw game competition held in the neighbourhood for 2 consecutive days, without prior notice,” he wrote.

He then explained how this had disturbed the area, saying that participants had been doing “war cries, screaming, and shouting every few seconds” since Saturday morning.

“If it is happening in your neighborhood even ear plugs don’t work guys. I tried,” he added.

Moreover, the resident shared several photos and video snippets from the competition, capturing the lively gameplay and the players’ enthusiastic shouts during matches.

Photo: FB/Complaint Singapore

“Have you tried moving to Sentosa Cove?”

Instead of receiving support, many criticized the resident for complaining about a sports competition, arguing that the government designated that area specifically for sports and community activities.

One netizen bluntly added, “If you don’t agree, go to your MP and complain. Another solution is to sell your HDB and move to a condo or land.”

Another sarcastically commented, “Have you tried moving to Sentosa Cove? Or better yet Lim Chu Kang? I believe it will be super quiet.”

Some netizens also pointed out to the resident that hosting sports tournaments and activities in residential areas is perfectly fine as long as they’re scheduled at appropriate times.

They explained that these events are acceptable and essential for building a vibrant and healthier community.

By bringing sports closer to home, they believed it provides residents, especially young people, positive outlets and opportunities to stay active and engaged.

According to them, embracing this lifestyle helps foster camaraderie and can even uncover talented individuals who could represent Singapore in sports competitions.

One netizen lamented, “This is why Singapore football will never be competitive again. When a grassroots game is being denied, there is no potential pool of players to choose from.”

Another netizen recalled, “I remember the 90s while still a teen, Singapore was full of local soccer matches.. at night each week the whole singapore roars.

Those were the days. Now daylight also can’t play? Try to move to Malaysia, not much place for people to play as they like.”

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