Hawker charges $3.50 for white rice with bean sprouts, netizen calls it daylight robbery

Yet another upset netizen complained about the high price of food at a hawker stall, taking to social media with his outrage.

“This Indian stall at sixth Ave charge my helper $3.50 for bean sprouts n white rice. Question them, they say now all things expensive. 

Daylight robbery sia. What do your think???” wrote Mr Noel Goh on the popular COMPLAINT SINGAPORE Facebook page on Monday (Dec 5).

His post has since gotten over 110 comments and many shares.

Throughout 2022, many netizens have complained over social media about higher food and beverage prices, including eggseconomy ricebee hoon, and even lemon tea.

Many understand that inflation due to global issues such as supply chain problems and Russia’s attack on Ukraine can be blamed for higher prices.

People commenting on Mr Goh’s post tended to agree with him that the $3.50 charged for the simple dish of bean sprouts and white rice was very expensive. 

One netizen is “Very fed up,” remarking, “Now they always use “everything is expensive” as an excuse and anyhow charge!”

“Don’t pay and refuse to buy from them,” another suggested.

Another netizen commented, “even if beansprout $1, rice $1, takeaway box $0.30 wont be until $3.50. Wahlaoo so expensive.”

Someone else replied to that comment, saying there are other operating expenses to consider as well.

However, “This at $3.50 is still overcharged,” the netizen said.

Another netizen wrote, “That’s one time business, no 2nd time.”

“They’re bullying your helper,” a netizen remarked. 

A netizen suggested that the helper should “Return the food and don’t pay.”

A female netizen said Mr Goh should give the stall owner a reality check.

“Let the stall know one kilo of bean sprout only $1.50. Rental at sixth avenue maybe high but the scoop of bean sprout the most is a dollar with 60cts white rice and take away box 20cts. So why $3.50??? No meat no eggs.”

Another person suggested that Mr Goh train his helper not to pay such prices next time.


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