Haidilao customer returns to pay $105 after cashier mistakenly charges her only $1.05

SINGAPORE: What a TikTok user captioned as a “Lucky day” was actually one for the Haidilao staff who had undercharged her by over $100. Luckily for her, the TikTok user came back and settled the bill correctly.

Ms Jesslyne Lee, who goes by @jesssoolio on TikTok, posted about her act of honesty on May 22 (Monday) in a video that has since gone viral, getting almost 130,000 views.


Lucky day y’all

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“When the HDL (Haidilao) lady charged $1.05 instead of $105,” Ms Jesslyne wrote, showing both the correct and erroneous amounts.


She added that the staff was extremely grateful that she returned, telling her, “Thank God you came back, otherwise it will be deducted from my pay.”

The TikTok user also wrote, “The staff used another team member’s account to settle and almost got her into trouble.”

Ms Jesslyne told AsiaOne that the incident occurred at Haidilao at Northpoint, where she and her mom had a Mother’s Day meal.

When they were about to leave, upon examining the bill, they realised something didn’t quite add up.

“We decided to turn back as we were afraid the staff will get into trouble as the difference in price was too huge,” AsiaOne quotes the TikTok user as saying.

The restaurant staff was so grateful to Ms Jesslyne and her mother that they received Haidilao vouchers

The staff who made a mistake said she was sorry as well, and fortunately, the manager did not appear to have got angry because of the mistake, said Ms Jesslyne.

Other TikTok users praised her for her honesty, with one even saying, “Y’all are better humans than me.”




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