Guy gets turned down by ladies at Cuppage Plaza, allegedly hurls Yan Yan at them

SINGAPORE: A man who tried inviting a group of women to drinks and turned down allegedly took the rejection poorly and threw Yan Yan at the women.

“Please help me to share!” wrote Facebook user Cheryl Kim on the incident along Cuppage Plaza on Thursday (Dec 8).

According to Ms Kim, she was enjoying a night out with three other female friends when a guy wearing a black t-shirt approached them from a bar beside theirs.

Photo: FB screengrab

The man asked the women if they wanted to drink sake, which they presumed was an invitation to join him and his friend for drinks.

The ladies declined, walked off and went on with their night.

However, the man retaliated half an hour later as Ms Kim felt something hard hitting her face.

“It felt somewhat like a filled plastic bottle which caused me to feel a sting on my face due to the impact. It was a hard throw. Turns out this guy bought a Yan Yan biscuit from 7-11 which he threw at us while shouting ‘Wooo’ thinking it was funny,” she wrote.

It can be easily assumed that he attacked us due to being rejected earlier and can’t seem to take it like a man, she noted.

Ms Kim attached videos of the altercation between one of her friends who confronted the man.

Meanwhile, the man’s friend stood between the parties, trying to calm them down.

The friend also pleaded with the group not to call the police. As this happened, “the perpetrator stood behind him like a coward, smirking and taunting us from behind without saying a word the entire time. He did not apologise at all,” said Ms Kim.

Photo: FB screengrab

The man is said to have run away from the scene as the police arrived, leaving his friend behind with the group.

Ms Kim said that the police tried looking for the man after taking their statements to no avail.

“Posting this so that the whole Singapore can see the face of a coward and a bully who cannot handle rejection and had to get physical,” she added./TISG

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