Grab Express delivery sent to wrong address; delivery man tells customer ‘your item is with another customer’

SINGAPORE: An incident involving a Grab Express delivery sent to the wrong address has made Facebook user Note Jin raise questions about the service reliability, as shared on Complaint Singapore.

As this is his first time using Grab Express, he shared his experience, saying, “First time with Grab Express and never again, drop item at the wrong address and just end the session and then complete the order and the recipient items nowhere to be found ?? So bad and not reliable”

Facebook post about grab delivery complaint
Photo: Facebook / Complaint Singapore

He also shared some screenshots of the conversation with the Grab delivery guy.

The conversation started when the grab rider sent a message about receiving a black bag with a laptop inside and said the delivery was urgent. Note Jin then asked if the item had been delivered. He gave his unit number to make sure the delivery was right and asked, “You coming soon?”

But the grab rider just replied, saying, “Your item is with another customer.”

Appalled, Note Jin could only reply with, “What”.

Message conversation
Photo: Facebook . Complaint Singapore

A lot of people commented on his post, some suggested what he should do about it, while some shared their own experience with using Grab.

Shawn Silverman, a marketing expert for Tencent Games, shared that he should file a class action lawsuit. He said, “They are intentionally defrauding customers and drivers. Their customer service is horrible as well.”

Note Jin replied that there was no contact number for customer help and the only available help is Grab’s chat support online. He said, “Shawn Silverman yea and no Grab contact number for help center and purely rely on their unreliable help center online chat that seems to end session if you don’t reply for 1 min , been dealing this since last night , while taking care of 3 children and need to keep looking on phone for their answers so they don’t end my session again.”

To which Shawn responded with, “Exactly! Grab is happy to take your money but not accept any responsibility. I don’t even know who they hire to run customer support because the help center is the worst.”

Facebook Comments
Photo: Complaint Singapore

One comment suggested that Grab will only be forced to improve ‘if more people stop using their services’. He added, “The trouble is that lots of people still accept mediocrity.”

One addressed the situation specifically and said, “Seriously, the delivery guy should come to retrieve back the item from wrong address House instead with the lame reply ‘Your item is with other customer.’”

Facebook comments
Photo: Facebook / Complaint Singapore
Facebook comments
Photo: Facebook / Complaint Singapore

Contrary to the majority, one shared that she had a great experience with Grab Express but said she feels horrible about the incident. She added, “The rider is definitely at fault here. He knows its the wrong customer and made no effort to rectify it. Yikes.”

While the other commented she had the same bad experience saying, “my order delivered but i did Not receive..when i chat online with grab customer svc..they call rider and rider told them that he hang at extingusher pipe ground floor and ask me to pick it up..rider have no iniative to call or ws at all..”

As Note Jin’s Grab Express story circulates on social media, it reminds us that fast deliveries must be reliable. We’ll have to wait and see if Grab improves after this incident.

For Note Jin and others facing similar problems, it’s clear that in the fast-paced world of on-demand services, even a small hiccup can lead to significant frustrations.


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