Google is fixing its disastrous burger and beer emoji today with Android 8.1 release

We never expected the outrage over the design of a hamburger emoji to bubble up to the point where Google’s CEO had to personally intervene, but such is 2017. And today, our long cheese-on-bun global nightmare comes to an end with the public release of Android Oreo 8.1, which fixes the unappetizing glyph.

Android 8.1 also adds a new beer emoji, which no longer sees frothing foam inexplicably remain at the top of the mug after half the beer has been downed.

Here’s what the offending emoji looked like in 8.0:

Would you go to a joint like this? No.

Here are the much-improved new characters in 8.1:

Google’s new burger emoji now follows Microsoft’s approach of patty-cheese-tomato-lettuce. This is far more…

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