Diablo 4 Endgame Overview – All Endgame Activities And Rewards

Beating the main campaign in Diablo 4 is only half the battle, as a whole new world of hellish mobs and amazing loot opens up to you after rolling credits. After completing the campaign there are repeatable activities, difficult dungeons, and better loot. Here’s an overview of everything there is to do in Diablo 4, once you beat the campaign.

Capstone Dungeons and Higher World Tiers

One of the first things you should do after rolling credits is complete the first Capstone Dungeon and unlock World Tier 3, which is for characters level 50-70. Some parts of the endgame, like Helltides and Nightmare Sigils, are only available on World Tier 3 or higher. Once you have completed all campaign acts and have reached level 50, you can take on the first Capstone Dungeon, the Cathedral of Light dungeon. This dungeon is far more challenging than the previous dungeons found in the game and must be completed on World Tier 2.

After reaching level 70 you can take on the second Capstone dungeon, the Fallen Temple, but this one must be done on World Tier 3, making it a real challenge.

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