DeSantis-Aligned Super PAC CEO Steps Down Amid Presidential Race



Chris Jankowski, the CEO of the super PAC backing Governor Ron DeSantis for the presidency, resigned on Wednesday, dealing a blow to DeSantis’s Republican nomination prospects. The news sent shockwaves to Americans as this is happening right before said nomination. 

According to Brietbart, the PAC, Never Back Down, straddled legal boundaries by assuming tasks typically within a campaign’s domain, despite super PACs being barred from coordinating with them. This included organising grassroots networks and covering some of DeSantis’s travel expenses.

Jankowski’s immediate resignation was reported by The New York Times. 

His statement to the Times, conveyed through a Never Back Down spokesperson, expressed unwavering support for electing DeSantis but cited an untenable environment that went beyond strategic differences.

The DeSantis campaign faced criticism and financial challenges as Never Back Down encountered negative attention, reportedly causing more trouble than assistance. Reports of internal conflict within the campaign’s operations surfaced while a new super PAC supporting DeSantis emerged, raising questions about Never Back Down’s future. 

Recent disclosures involving financial backing for an Iowa evangelical leader have also drawn scrutiny, despite assurances of transparency.

X users unsupportive of DeSantis 

Following that, X users state that DeSantis should “pack up and go home” after this happened. It appears that not only the Democrat supporters are unkeen towards him, but also Trump supporters as well. There are several accusations thrown towards the Republican candidate, but there is no actual evidence or proof towards these claims. 

There are several other users questioning the situation, with some asking what was the actual reason for the CEO’s departure. X users state that the DeSantis campaign isn’t working out and that could be one of the reasons why this happened. Prior to this, conservative Americans are split between Trump and him. 


Regardless, it appears that conservatives suggest he should’ve supported Trump and wait out for Trump’s leadership to end. Others state that DeSantis did this to himself and that it was obvious to them that this was the buildup of his entire campaign. 

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