Customer buys faulty AirPods from Shopee Mall Apple store, faces “horrendous customer service” and “emotional turmoil” trying to return it

SINGAPORE: A Reddit user wrote that the “horrendous customer service” and “emotional turmoil” experienced from trying to return faulty AirPods purchased from ShopeeMall’s Apple store was “not worth” it.

When contacted for comment, a spokesperson for Shopee told The Independent Singapore, “Shopee has contacted the customer and is working to resolve their concern. We would also like to clarify that the Apple Flagship Store on Shopee is an Apple authorised reseller.”

u/kryptobitman wrote on r/singapore earlier this week that the Airpods Pro 2 he purchased through ShopeeMall had a popping noise on the right side.

After initially contacting Apple, he was instructed to reach out to Shopee.

But when he asked for a refund, Shopee requested that he report the issue to the Apple Store, obtain a diagnostics report, and bring the Airpods back with the diagnostics report.

“I was dumbfounded. I received a faulty unit from you guys & have to go through all these hassle? Furthermore under ShopeeMall’s ‘4 easy steps‘ to return items, it does not state I have to obtain a diagnostics report on their behalf,” wrote the post author.

Initially, when he told Shopee he was not obliged to carry out these steps under their policy, they “relented & accepted my return request.”

However, “they did uno-reverse card me & rejected my return citing I need to obtain a diagnostics report. I was extremely frustrated at this point.”

Shopee told the post author, “‘the Diagnostics report procedure/policy’ is INTERNALLY aligned between Shopee & ShopeeMall Apple.”

u/kryptobitman wrote that he could not wrap his head around this answer, wondering why consumers were not informed of this policy.

“Honestly I have no qualms to go down to Apple store to get it checked; they will replace it under warranty (sucks that I’ll receive a refurbished set). But that’s not the point. I can afford another airpods.

What ticked me off was how consumers in SG have no protection once $ is paid. You’re under the mercy of businesses, and they can pull these shenanigans without any consequences.

So now the faulty airpods is on their way back to me.. What can I do?” he added. /TISG

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