Company allegedly sent legal letter to ex-staff, demanding they delete Glassdoor review

SINGAPORE: A Reddit user posted that they feel their troubles with a certain company are not stopping even though they’re no longer employed there. After they wrote a review on Glassdoor, they claim to have received a cease and desist letter telling them they need to take it down, and that they owe the company money.

In a June 13 post on r/askSingapore, u/nuggurt wrote that in May,  they had posted a review on Glassdoor, a site where former and current workers post reviews anonymously. In the review, they said that their time with the company had been “terribly traumatizing due to the harassment I faced from the top manager.”

But now, they have received a legal letter claiming that the post author has made multiple bad reviews about the firm, which came as a surprise to u/nuggurt, who said they have written nothing untrue.

“So what’s the point of Glassdoor then? The top manager went onto Glassdoor to review herself in a positive light, I quote from her post ‘good leadership’ as well.”

They added that the legal letter also says they need to pay the company “a few thousands … due to a poor handover,” which u/nuggurt says is not their fault, but is something their predecessor was responsible for.

The post author asked if being asked to pay back is valid, given that the handover had not been part of their scope, and nor was it included in their contract.

u/nuggurt asked for advice from other Reddit users, asking if they could acknowledge that they have received the legal letter but not pay the amount demanded. They added in an edit that they had taken down their original review on Glassdoor “because it was quite obvious it’s me.”

However, they have sent in a new review—now pending—wherein they stated that they have been issued a legal letter by their former manager, who has since gone on to post a review on her “good leadership.”

Commenters on the post have encouraged u/nuggurt to ignore the legal letter and, if the threats continue, document everything to file a report with the Manpower Ministry.

Others called what the former manager was doing “scare tactics” and “harassment,” with some chiming in to reassure the post author that they don’t need to take down their reviews on Glassdoor.

One commenter even said the post author was lucky to leave the company, saying that the way the firm had gone after u/nuggurt is “not normal.” /TISG

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