CoD: Warzone 2 Will Bring Back 1v1 Gulag With Season 2 Update, Devs Confirm

Infinity Ward has confirmed that one of Call of Duty: Warzone 2‘s less popular changes is getting reverted in the upcoming Season 2 update. Al Mazarh is downsizing the Gulag for a more traditional Warzone 1 experience.

The battle royale’s sequel originally overhauled the Gulag from a 1v1 arena to a larger 2v2 fight, which also included the additional threat of the minigun wielding “Jailer” NPC opponent. Al Mazarh’s Gulag has been poorly received for forcing players to team up with another random player, as the matchups are often randoms, AFK players, or pairings who lack any communication.

Now, Infinity Ward has tweeted to announce that 1v1 fights are coming back with Gulag changes being made in the Season 2 update. It’s uncertain if the return to smaller fights will also remove the Jailer and his minigun, but the developer says more details will be revealed in a blog post next week.

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