Clash Royale Tips & Tricks

Hey there ! In case you have not hear about this latest mobile game, it is called Clash Royale and is published by the same creators who gave us Clash of Clans. Clash Royale is basically a real-time strategy game with a card twist. The objective of the game is to destroy your opponent towers and whoever destroyed the most towers within a time period, wins !

That sounds easy eh ? There comes the part of the cards. You have to form yourself an own deck of 8 cards while your opponent also do the same. Every card has different attributes and they all can be leveled up.

Today I wanna share with you the dos and dont’s of gems. If you are like me who do not pay to win, then gems are very precious and you should not be anyhow using it. The first thing one should NEVER do is to spend gems to open up your locked CHESTS. That is an absolute waste. As you progress into the game, leveling up the cards become much more expensive. To go to level 8 for example, one would need 2000 gold to level up. Saving up your gems to buy the cards you need is better. I would also not suggest to spend gems to buy magical or giant chests. The best is to save up to 600 gems to purchase 10000 gold.

I am currently at arena 6 and slowly building up my deck. I will be sharing the different strategies I have encountered and post them all here. So stay tuned !

Tip of the day: Do not anyhow spend gems if you are a freemium player.