Catch the trailer of Mediacorp’s newest drama, SHERO

SINGAPORE: On the Instagram page of Mediacorp’s The Celebrity Agency, the trailer of their newest drama series, SHERO, was posted yesterday, June 6. In the caption, the synopsis of the drama was written.

It says: “Zhang Yinchen and Zhang Yinxi are sisters who are 5 years apart. After Yinxi is attacked and goes missing overseas, Yinchen takes over Yinxi’s all-female bodyguard company SHERO. Together with Yue Ruixiang, the CEO of ship-building company RSB, Yinchen investigates the truth behind Yinxi’s disappearance. As they get closer to the truth, it seems like the mastermind is someone amongst them…” 

The cast of SHERO includes award-winning artists such as Joanne Peh, Romeo Tan, Carrie Wong, and Nick Teo. 

This drama series is about a woman who joins her sister’s bodyguard company after she goes missing. The main protagonist is in search of her parents’ murderer and to continue her sister’s legacy. 

SHERO will premiere on June 12 and is available on Channel 8, 9 PM. It will also be available to watch on meWATCH. 

Netizens expressed their thoughts on the said Instagram post. 

One IG user stated: “Must support!!!” 

Another IG user asked: “The mastermind is someone amongst them” Is this based on “Among Us”?” 

More users remarked: “Looks nice! Quality has been dropping over the years but this trailer is re-igniting my dream to become a local actress”, “This trailer action look so cool❣don’t feel like “wood” 😝 credit to the wushu instructor 👏🏻👏🏻”, and “Wow slay.” 

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