‘Can men and women ever really just be friends?’ — Zoe Tay and Guo Liang share split responses

SINGAPORE – In the recent episode of The Zoe and Liang Show, Mediacorp Radio DJ Hazelle Teo asked a question about men and women being just friends and it gained split reactions and responses from the hosts themselves, Zoe Tay and Guo Liang. 

For Guo Liang, he thinks that men will wonder if they should go after their female friends – if they have a chance with them. 

“If both parties are compatible in every way, I’d be very doubtful that there’s pure friendship between them,” the male host added. 

In Zoe Tay’s defense, women can still be just friends with men, and she cited her own experiences with her friendship with male co-stars even if they were both single. 

Zoe has been friends with actors Chen Hanwei and Wang Yuqing. She shared that when they were younger, Wang Yuqing was very handsome and popular and that they were compatible, but there was ‘no romantic chemistry’ that came from the relationship of the two. 

“Even though we were both single, things could never work out between us,” admitted Zoe. 

Due to the contrast, Guo Liang thinks that for men and women to have a genuine friendship, they both don’t know the intentions of the other. This gained curious questions from Zoe Tay. 

“Do men always have an agenda when they make friends with a woman? Do you always have a motive? Are you confident that you can develop a romantic relationship with a woman before you make a move?” stated the female host. 

DJ Jensen Wang, another guest for the podcast episode, explained: I think they do. For young men, if they take the initiative to talk to a girl and make friends with her, it’s often when they have some feelings for her.” 

“It seems women have less of an agenda when we make friends with men,” concluded Hazelle Teo. 

Watch the entire podcast episode here.

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