Call Of Duty: Vanguard Mid-Season Patch Notes Reveal A Focus On Multiplayer Improvements

Sledgehammer Games has detailed the patch notes for Vanguard‘s multiplayer and Zombies ahead of the upcoming Season 1 Reloaded update. While appearing light on new content for multiplayer, the developer says players should see significant changes to gameplay and bug fixes with this mid-season update.

Call of Duty players can’t stop, drop, and roll when they’re on fire, and incendiary grenades have been frustratingly overpowered since the equipment was introduced at the beginning of Season 1. Thankfully, the patch notes promise a nerf to the incendiary grenades as well as perk adjustments to give players new ways to counter fire damage. The Dauntless perk will now give immunity to fire and burning effects, which include incendiary rounds, flamenaut killstreak, and any lingering fire on the ground. Additionally, the Fortified perk will now reduce fire damage taken by 30%.

The update also brings a balancing pass to buff Vanguard’s sniper rifles. Previously, the snipers felt a little too slow to be viable choices, but these mid-season adjustments should make sniping a bit easier. The Type 99 sniper is receiving a reduction to aim flinch and ADS time, the 3-Line Rifle also is getting a reduction to ADS time, and a Kar98 sniper adjustment will allow the gun to retain its one shot kill potential for chest shots when smaller-caliber ammo is used.

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