Apex Legends Mobile – Ash Legend Guide

Apex Legends Mobile Season 3: Champions went live last week, debuting a new battle pass and Seasonal Store, along with a plethora of limited-time events. But the star of the season is, of course, Ash: a human-turned-simulacrum who made her debut in Titanfall 2, then joined the Apex Games in Season 11 before making her way over to mobile.

You might think you know this legend inside and out–especially if you’ve played Titanfall 2 or Apex Legends–but playing Ash in the Apex Legends Mobile vs. playing her on console or PC are two very different experiences. This is partially because of her abilities, which had to be tweaked slightly to fit the needs of the mobile game. But there are other factors at play when it comes to tailoring your gameplay strategy specifically to fit Ash on a mobile device. Follow this guide to get the scoop on the incisive instigator and learn how to use her mobile-exclusive perks to your advantage.

The basics

Callsign: Ash

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