AHTC encourages smart ways to practice sustainability in first-ever go green carnival organised for residents

Aljunied-Hougang Town Council organised an inaugural ‘Let’s Paint the Town Green Carnival,’ a sustainability initiative to mark World Recycling Day on Saturday, 18th March. The event, open to all members of the public, aimed to educate residents on mindful ways to practice sustainability.

“The purpose of this event is to bring awareness to the importance of sustainability in this town as well as to educate the residents on some of the practices of recycling,” said AHTC Vice-Chairman Gerald Giam.

Residents learned about various sustainability efforts such as e-waste recycling, soap cycling and clothing recycling. Event attendees enjoyed many fun booths, including carnival games, workshops and learning sessions conducted by eco-artists and waste management experts across various corporate and social enterprises, and live music performances.

Some of the carnival games were targeted at teaching residents how to practice sustainability properly. In one such game, players had to correctly sort out which category of bins each item goes into.

The event also had designated stations where residents could directly drop off their old clothes and electronics to be recycled and a ‘trash for cash’ station where they could trade in their waste for a small amount of cash.

Eco-artists also hosted booths and had the opportunity to share their creations with the public and educate them on turning their trash into treasure.

In an interview, MP Pritam Singh expressed that bringing about consciousness and an active awareness about sustainability among Singaporeans is the first step to a more green society, and such events aim to create that awareness.

“I don’t think one event in and of itself will suddenly lead to a new mindset. But I think like most things in life when we want to change behaviours, change culture, change patterns, awareness is important. For town council, these activities are part of that process to raise awareness and encourage evolution towards a more green-conscious constituency and community,” said Pritam Singh.

“If you are conscious of having two receptacles at home, one for general trash and one for recyclables— that’s a huge move already,” he added.

‘Paint the town green carnival’ is the first of many green initiatives that can be seen in the foreseeable future.


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