2 uncles fight & punch each other on Still Road, family tags in, TikToker calls it “UFC (Uncle Fighting Championship)”

SINGAPORE — A video of an older man racing down the street and then pounding heavily on a car, followed by a woman hitting the car with a long yellow stick and then a man emerging from the car to fight both of them with another woman joining the fray went viral on TikTok on Sunday (Feb 5).

The video, uploaded by TikTok user Uhhuhdon has since been viewed over 32,000 times, with some netizens expressing concern that the older man in the video may be Singapore’s own dancing TikToker, Uncle Raymond.


Joo Chiat MMA! UFC – Uncle Fighting Championship

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In a comment to the video, Uhhuhdon wrote that the fight took place in “Still Road/Joo Chiat Place.”

The video begins with the older man alighting from a light-coloured car, barefoot, then throwing down his slippers on the road to put them on.

He then rushes over to a dark grey vehicle and starts pounding on it, with the loud thuds from his fists picked up on the video.


The driver of the grey car keeps going, and the older man can be seen arguing with the driver. Meanwhile, a woman in a surgical mask arrives with a long yellow stick and starts hitting the grey car.

The driver of the grey car, a man in a blue shirt and light-coloured shorts, pulls over, alights, and starts fighting with the older man and the woman with the stick, along with another masked woman, joins the fray.

At one point, the man in blue hits the older man so hard that he goes down.

The fighting does not stop there as the man in blue continues to fight the women, and by the time the 55-second video ends, the older man is up again, and he, along with the two women, continues to fight the man in blue.

“Joo Chiat MMA! UFC – Uncle Fighting Championship,” wrote Uhhuhdon.

He later explained in a comment how he could get such a clear video of the fight.

Some TikTok users thought the older man was Uncle Raymond, an older man known for his dance moves on TikTok.

One even tagged him, and another quoted his taglines.

One commented that the “whole family come out (to) fight.”

Others, however, were more impressed by the video quality of Uhhuhdon’s camera.

A witness to the fight told MustShareNews that the two cars had nearly gotten into a collision.

The incident involving the four persons in the fight is currently under investigation, The Straits Times reported on Sunday evening (Feb 5).

Individuals guilty of affray may be slapped with a $500 fine or given a maximum jail term of one year. /TISG

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